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"I need to calm myself down." She opens it up to the business section and starts to read it.... What on earth..." Just then she hears the door open, and quickly puts down the paper. Once again the information logs itself in, deep within her. " Daphne asks as they approach the airport exit ramp. He's really been coming through on some things lately." Shaggy and the guard disappear into an office for a while.

You don't know how powerful this infatuation thing can get." Freddy grabs his coat. " Velma picks up the newspaper that is sitting on the table in the lobby. As they head out the door and get into his red sports car, she notices it has a dealer tag on it. "No, I think Shaggy knows just how important this is. Hey, it's the best thing Jack could come up with." "Ra Rooooooo! Scooby sat for a while with a big smile on his face.

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Susan Bones, a Fifth Year Hufflepuff is in love with fellow Fifth Year, Harry Potter, leader of Dumbledore's Army and the Boy-Who-Lived.

Harry still could not get over the fact that, during the previous night's game of Truth or Dare that the Fifth-Year Gryffindor boys played, Dean Thomas had got his friend drunk on Firewhiskey that the Weasley Twins had smuggled in via the secret passages from Honeydukes.