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The German-speaking Europe contains a new large, fast-growing, unified market of senior citizens who are rich, active, and in good health.

The young profile of the population in Eastern Europe is helpful to its current difficult process of change.

Zetterberg finished the season in strong fashion against the visiting Devils on Sunday. 51 for his 1,000th career game, leaving his mark in the final contest played at Joe Louis Arena.

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The lecture includes a discussion of Europe's ethnic minorities and nation states, a situation which may call for a redefinition of majority rights in European democracy.

We consider Europe to be a "continent" out of respect for its history and civilization.

Other sexy hockey wives are quite famous as well, but not in the United States, rather in their home countries.

Emma Andersson, wife to Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings, falls into that category as a popular singer and TV star in her native Sweden.

The most spectacular change anticipated for the next two decades is the growth of Turkey to outdistance Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom as the largest regional population outside of Russia.