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Every part of me wants to use Azure and Umbraco for this project (and others) but I am not sure if that is currently possible.

It feels like I have the following choices: Any advice or direction would be really welcome.

Some of this rise may be due to the greater availability and increased sensitivity of tests and to increased awareness of the services available.

It may be that I can't see the wood for the trees but althought there is a lot out there about Azure and Umbraco playing nicely together I am having alsorts of bother with them at the moment.

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In Azure loadbalanced websites there is no way to tell what the server addresses are, so I guess the accelorator did some voodoo to update file and memory cache of the umbraco xml. I've spent the day reading the forum and web for a solution, I've watched Darren Ferguson talk about the three flavours of Azure.