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Many take a pessimistic view that Russian President Vladimir Putin will feel emboldened after Trump’s victory to re-establish a sphere of influence in the states that sit between the Russian Federation and NATO.

In various comments, Trump has indicated that he is willing to accept that Russia should have its “buffers”.

That was the Pleistocene Period in Quaternary Age of Cenozoic Era, about 1 million years ago, Commonly known as the Ice Age. Traces of human habitation in Ukraine, dating back at least 30 thousand years, became evident during geological excavations.

Primitive stone tools, carvings from mammoth tusks, arrow heads made from flint stone, earthenware, bronze tools and weapons and gold jewelry found in different layers of earth enabled geologists to reconstruct the way of life of early man.

"These reforms are essential to ensure security and prosperity for all Ukrainians and to bring Ukraine closer to NATO," Stoltenberg said.