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You want to learn English that you can different aspects of your life.The pop culture you experience every day in the form of music, TV, You Tube videos, etc.You've heard all about the benefits of having sex—it can improve your health, help you sleep and, obviously, strengthen your relationship.

D., sex therapist and author of Sometimes, saying, "I want you, now" out loud can feel intimidating or embarrassing, especially if that kind of talk doesn't come naturally to you, says Tammy Nelson, Ph. But writing down your desires can help shake off your inhibitions, since you can get your point across without face-to-face contact.

Pop a note in your husband's coat pocket before you leave for work, send him an email (to his personal account! What you say depends on your relationship, but, "Try to break out of your comfort zone to help build erotic anticipation," says Dr. Texting things like, "Can't wait until tonight," or "Having a naughty thought about you right now" can work to build excitement for what's to come. Nelson says, you can be more graphic than you might feel comfortable doing in person, saying something like, "Tonight, I'm getting into bed naked and will do XYZ to you…" Between the two of you, come up with a word or phrase that is a secret call for sex.

Some of the hot and steamy questions below are PG, but a few are very definitely rated "GS" for "guaranteed sexy." You're bound to find some that fit your particular style. And try out some of these tantalizing, tempting questions that are guaranteed to give him a little bit - or even a lot - of love fever...!

What would you like me to wear under my clothes when I go to work (when we go out, etc.) tomorrow? What spot on my body do you think I most like to be kissed?

If you go by our philosophy, you will certainly appreciate the vocabulary I’m about to present in this lesson.

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