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So as you can see there are a number of ways that work just fine hmm, the easiest way to do this, assuming you havent already done it.

if you open one of the databases and import the table from the second database into the one you just opened, this can be done by going to the tables tab, right clicking and choosing import.

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I'm just trying to combine them into the same table. I clicked on the Queries Tab, selected "create new query in design view." 2. (I did not do anything with "Table 1." Now I clicked close. Now I have a part with a top section and a bottom section.

You can merge two separate Microsoft Access databases by using the built-in tools.

I've never used VBA before and I'm wondering where I might start this task!

Since you wanted them on one sheet, I think the above isn't what you were looking for. Especially, if different sheets have a similar identifier (part number/contact person/ect).

Once you have created your Select Query and specified the criteria you want to use to delete records, you can test out your query by running it.