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(Latin, "from the egg"): This phrase refers to a narrative that starts at the beginning of the plot, and then moves chronologically through a sequence of events to the tale's conclusion.

This pattern is the opposite of a tale that begins in medias res, one in which the narrative starts "in the middle of things," well into the middle of the plot, and then proceeds to explain earlier events through the characters' dialogue, memories, or flashbacks.

- [members] Unknown Ship will no longer be displayed for members not in ship - [showinfo] Sec. Thanks for daquaris for his help getting notification data. Strictly beta, let me know if there is any problems. Jump-to-item for significant assets, as well as offices for Corp mode. - Turn off ingame show info by using the control at the bottom of the page (when ingame) Showinfo Examples: Character Info view Corporation Info view Alliance Info view Item Info view No way to search for chars/corps/alliances as of yet.

Fixes - [showinfo] Restyled all pages in more compact format - [showinfo] Implemented JSON windowed showinfo - [showinfo] Showinfo links in character/alliance bios will now be loaded in ajax windows - [showinfo] Attempt to close any outstanding bio tags - [showinfo] Fixed station/system info attempting to be opened in windowed info - [showinfo] Added automatic scaling of item/char/corp/ally title to container size - [showinfo] All known styling issues corrected - [showinfo] Added specific title for loading windows - [showinfo] Fixed error caused by closing a window before load completed - [transactions] Added showinfo for type column - Skills page has been split into two pages: about (bio, employment history, etc) and skills (skills and fit checker) - You may choose which page to land on by default at the bottom of the skills and about pages - Misc internal restructuring - A sane error message will now be returned for bad/invalid API instead of http 403. A bit quirky due to :ccp: - Most nofications types do not have a path for turning them into human readable text, yet. Notes: - [ataglance] Fixed mail and kills view conflicting - [showinfo] Fixed stations being for the wrong station type - [showinfo] fixed a bug causing item info view on weird items to fail (like snowballs) - [showinfo] Added alliance history for corporations - [showinfo] Standardized width of descriptions and history lists - [showinfo] Added founder, founding date for corp info view - [showinfo] Improved handling of inactive corps' info - [showinfo] Improved handling of char/corp links in char/alliance bios - [showinfo] Fix for malformed XML from ccp - [itemsrch] Updated styling - [itemview] Updated styling, added skills - [itemview] Merged into showinfo - [killlog] Fixed IGB toggle not showing up - [notifications] Added ajax body viewing.

Skills contains skills (duh), queue status, and fitting checker. Custom API Wizard, located on the API Input screen.