Decatur dating

I moved here in 2014 and haven't played in a while I pick up golf while working in California at a golf resort.......

Ive been looking for a golf buddy and Haven't found anyone yet my clubs are sitting in the Garage collecting dust... About Guys I Want To Meet: I just looking for a Buddy to do things with no pressure or SAT just someone who might have the Same interest or similar Like to meet someone who is closer to my age give or take 10 years, I'm 57 and dont look or feel that old...decide I will post recent pictures... About Guys I Want To Meet: DIS-LIKES: Mean spirited, egotistical, closed minded people who would rather spend time judging someones character without ever knowing anything about them.

The last time I ate American Deep South specialties was in 2007 on a boat in Essex.

I was thoroughly underwhelmed and haven’t been tempted to revisit this cuisine since.

About Guys I Want To Meet: A discreet, christian brother who is is artistically inclined. While my overall health is very good and I am very active, these procedures have left me... I like the beach for a vacation, and the mountains for hiking.