Kitty katswell dating dudly puppy fanfiction

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Then her phone rang and she hoped it wasn't Dudley as she picked it up and answered it "Hello? I'm not hundred per-percent sure this will work" Kitty got confused "What do you mean?

" Keswick was on the other line "Kitty, it's me Ke-Keswick" Kitty sighed in relief "Oh, hey Keswick, what is it? I be-be-believe I made a cure for that love potion! " Keswick was silent for a second "Well..for-formula I made, could very well save you, or it could turn you into Dudley's toy forever" Kitty got more worried then ever before, but she needed a way out."I'll take my chances, can you come over with that cure?

The thing is that they also lose their secret agent status on the way.

Canon with most of my other stories, may turn M at some point.

" she then remembered Dudley busting through and about to rape her "Oh my god, I remember now!