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Depuis lors, elle a joué dans des films dramatiques comme Havoc et Le Secret de Brokeback Mountain.

En 2006, elle partage la vedette avec Meryl Streep dans la comédie Le Diable s'habille en Prada, qui rencontre un énorme succès commercial dès sa sortie en salles.

Later on, Aria explains the whole situation and story about Ezra. Aria wants to know if Mike has said anything odd, and Jake tells her a weird thing that Mike said, which causes Aria to become a little more worried about Mike.

Jake tells her that she isn't done with Ezra, but Aria assures him that she really is, and has to be. He asks her if she really wants to be with somebody who kisses her after telling a story like that. Jake says he's here for Aria without complications, even if she's not available. She apologizes for ruining his night, but he says he's happy to be here.

Jake is described as an attractive Martial Arts instructor, who is patient, sensitive and insightful and is one of those guys who is calm and well-mannered which are charming qualities to Aria, so he steals her attention right away. He is also very muscular, as shown by his built body.