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(Nicki De Marco/The Washington Post) Dating is confusing. These optimistic plots are the reason I purposely carry around my stack of “Harry Potter” books, just waiting for someone to gracelessly bump into me. I wish I could greet each person and situation with this same awe.

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I try to turn off my phone during dates, but sometimes I still catch myself glimpsing.

I try to keep an open mind and date outside my usual type.

Kimmy doesn't need an epic kiss in the rain like in "The Notebook." A sweet peck in the kitchen does just fine. You can blame dating apps or social media, but I think rom-coms are the culprit. I can recall a date where I pretended to know a lot about dairy farms because she had worked on one for most of her life. The way she described cheese, though, sure was dreamy. Kimmy disposes of stereotypes and cuts through the mundane.

Here's how "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" gets romance just right. Movies have spoon-fed us unrealistic expectations about love. She approaches situations with the kind of awe and gratitude that’s nearly absent in our romantic culture.

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