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Many famous celebrities are biracial, including actors/actresses, musicians and even a very prominent politician. Her mother is of English and German descent, and her father is black.

Every year there are more and more multiracial individuals in the United States and around the world. Berry made history in 2002 when she be came the first black woman to win the Oscar for Best Leading Actress for her performance in the film .

"I think I'm still drunk."Halsey, 20, musters a forkful of salad at Urth Caffe, a celeb fave and bastion of California organica.

It's the last bite she'll get down ­during the next hour or so, but not because of the booze.

She's just a few days back from a two-month arena outing ­opening for Imagine Dragons, and had every ­reason to party. And her pals from 5 Seconds of Summer were in town the night before.