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My dad served on the Strauss from 76-79 and he passed away on August 12, 1994.

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Before nouns beginning with the letter k, it is changed into ke instead of ka. valley, stream, and falls (Sacred Falls), Hau-ʻula, Oʻahu.

• to hit, strike, throw, smite, hack, thrust, toss, fling, hurl, dash, especially with a quick hard stroke; • to bail water, as from a canoe (kā₂); • to clean, as weeds or mud from a pond; • to fling the arms or swing them while walking; • to make net meshes; • to tie, as thatch battens; • to knit; • to fish with a pole; • to turn the soil; • to turn a rope for children to jump; • to remove, as a cataract from the eye with the edge of a blade of kūkae puaʻa grass; • to snare, as birds; • to curse (especially if used with ʻino; cf. After a verb it implies oblique absurdity, something unaccountable. When the contrary takes place from what was expected or attempted. His bonds loosened and the two disappeared into a tree. point, Honomū qd.; land section, South Kona, Hawaiʻi, so named ("the edge") because it was a small area between two large ones. Land section, channel, stream, valley, elementary school, field, street, and shopping center, Honolulu, said to have been named by Prince Lot (afterwards Kamehameha V) in 1856.

Thank you for thinking so much of my dad and his Shipmates for putting a site like this together. I am a plank owner and served aboard the Strauss til late 1963.

If there are any of my brothers that served with me at that time, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese navy and air force attacked the United States army, navy and air force units at PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII in what was called "A SURPRISE ATTACK." The next day, President Franklin Roosevelt called the attack "A DAY OF INFAMY," and asked Congress for a Declaration of War. Many at the time questioned how "A SURPRISE ATTACK" could have happened, and whether President Roosevelt should have known about it in advance and warned our forces in Hawaii.