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The Brush Mate Trade 20 and Trade 4 , remain at the centre of the Brush Mate product range, but the range now includes other products to make the decorator’s life easier or safer such as the Can Handle and the Andy Sandy Family.The exciting range of Earthborn paints, regularly featured in fashion magazines, is also part of the Brush Mate family.

, Ai Ore, Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, Wish, Gakuen Alice, Loveless, The Prince of Tennis, The New Prince of Tennis, Gentleman's Alliance Cross, Charming Junkie, Kimi ni Todoke, Kitchen Princess, Hana to Akuma, He’s Dedicated to Roses, Boy of the Female Wolf, I accept You, Koko ni Iru Yo, Cherry Juice, Love Celeb, Orange Planet, Meru Puri, Otona ni Nuts, AAA, Loop – Maaya Sakamoto, Kazemachi Jet –Maaya Sakamoto, Aka No Kakera – Yuki Suzuki, Hitomi No Kotae - Noria, Raggs No Chinkonka - Noria, Ashita, Boku wa Kimi ni Ai ni Yuku - Wakaba , Aikotoba – Sakura Merry Men, Truth - Gilbert Nightray, Everytime You Kissed Me, Alive - Becca, Monochrome No Kiss - SID, Bird, Tsuki No Curse, Michiyuki, Hologram - Nico Touches the Wall, Again - Yui, Love Festival - Teni Puri All Stars, A, B, C, Flower - Saki Midaershi Hana - GIGS, Kakaeta Kiseki - Aozu, Koi no Gekidasa, Ecstacy - Tachikirita, FESTIVAL wa totsuzen ni - Takashi Konomi feat.

There are no Ryo Saku drawings yet but CCS and TC are all lined up. :)DEVIANTART07-Ghost, Angel Diary, Demon Diary, Ai Wo Utau Yori Ore Ni Oborero! "H-hai..." she stared with a curious look on her face.

has developed and manufactured metal and wire products for numerous industries for use both within the UK and abroad.

The products it manufactures for the UK painting and decorating market are sold exclusively under its Brush Mate and Earthborn brands.

Earthborn paints are high performance products which are better for the environment and healthier to use than conventional petrochemical based paints.