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The Inn’s palm-fringed white sandy beach provides the ideal setting for a sunrise jog, shell hunting, a picnic lunch or perfecting one’s tan while the refreshing waters of the Atlantic cater to ocean swimming, body surfing and sailing.The Ponte Vedra beach is an ideal playground for children and a sanctuary for adults.The stars of this new virtual reality show are Romeo and Juliet – a pair of Bald Eagles that have been occupants of their huge nest for many years. For the past 5 years, careful and meticulous documentation has been made regarding behaviors of this adult eagle pair, including the exact dates they return to the nest from their off-season travels, nest preparation, mating, egg laying, incubation, hatching, and the fledging of the eaglets.

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There are many ways Christians can help the hurting and mend the broken, but discipleship takes place in the context of the community of believers.

Local communities of believers are also the most strategic way to minister to the needs of the larger community.

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Mary You assume full responsibility for the communications with any acupuncturist you contact through the Health Professionals Directory.

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