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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Love Hina Sim Date for PC.

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From now on I'm living in Hina Inn but if anyone sh*ts me off I swear I'll make them eat candels. : frying pans and intelligence Kaolla's diary: -random scribbles- I like um...: turtles, magic, and FUN Naru's diary: We have this new manager now at Hinata Inn.

That f*cker better not sh*t me off or I'll be smacking that a*s monkey around.

) -Left of Bridge, first couple -Stair Hallway, flower -Tokyo U, clock in center of building -Front of Bridge, top of left pillar -Outside Hinata Inn, left tree, second left short branch Cheat codes -moneygrowsontrees: $25000 -allyourmoves: gain all the moves -theincredibleyou: all stats 100 -hellissprings: spring will be hell -eva4hidden: EVA4 movie -crazygirlmot: see Motoko rarely dressed everytime you pass by her -motokoismotoko: dress up Motoko -smashwatermelons: dress up Mutsumi -naruhaseyes: play as Naru -sofarsogood: have crazy conversations with Kaolla -rainbowsrgood: dress up Shinobi -randomamv: credits On dates, the girls like to ask questions to see if you were paying attention.

Most of the answers to the questions are in their diary which you can find in their room. Shinobi's Diary: My parents are always moving around and it f*cks me off.

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    It has to be 2-hour rated with metal studs.“"I cannot find what I am looking for and do not have the time to research UL’s technical documents, I would like assistance.”“There is a minor modification to an assembly I would like to know if it is acceptable.