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Knowing what changes and behaviors are normal during adolescence can go a long way in helping both teens and adults manage the transition successfully. Extension Family & Human Development Specialist [email protected] Adapted from information prepared by Angela Huebner, Extension Specialist, Family and Child Development, Virginia Tech Suggested citation: Huebner, A. Disclaimer: Reference to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by University of Delaware Cooperative Extension or bias against those not mentioned.

There are also some specific things adults can do to be supportive: Have a good month!

While these relationships are an exciting time for Christian teens, they also come with their own issues and hazards.

Suddenly the issues of sex and boundaries start to arise, and teens find themselves having to choose sides on "hot button" topics like homosexuality and abortion.

Here is some information on how teens develop: Children in this age group might: CDC’s “Learn the Signs.

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