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Just as their lexicon has become more unflinching, the band’s latest taps into newer, more effervescent realms of upbeat expression musically as well; it’s not a clone.

Where a few years ago Tegan and Sara found new audiences by way of alternative-pop scores, new tracks like “That Girl,” “Faint of Heart,” and “U-Turn” focus on up-to-date rhythms, frequently accented by modern-retro synths that could’ve originated from a record by either Duran Duran or Carly Rae Jepsen.

TEGAN QUIN: It does make it a risk, but when you love it, it feels less scary. SARA QUIN: I think taking the risk and pushing ourselves is far more authentic than preserving that safe space. Was there any song specifically that spoke most to that?

TEGAN QUIN: For me, it was "Drove Me Wild." I had been co-writing with this dance act, and they were like, "Think party! " which was a polite way of saying, "Do not write ," or "Don't write a sad song," so I was like, "I need to write something nostalgic, fun and summery," and I'm trying to imagine that feeling, and immediately thought of those last couple years of high school. And I don't mean when I was writing my final exams in grade 12, I mean the summer before your senior year, or the summer after you graduate and you're convinced that something amazing was coming.

In November 2011, it was revealed that Tegan and Sara were writing new material for their seventh studio album.

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