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A British archaeology student discovered a 5,000-year-old piece of Neolithic chewing gum made from birch bark tar.

23-year-old Sarah Pickin found the ancient gum while on a dig in Finland and it was later revealed to have tooth marks in it.

Researchers have discovered numerous fossils from Lucy’s Australopithecus afarensis species—ape-like, bipedal human ancestors approximately 4 feet tall—that are 3 million years or older.

They have also found numerous skeletal remnants from multiple lines of the human genus Homo—of which Homo sapiens are the only remaining species—that are 2.3 million years old and younger.

By carbon dating a piece of wood which has also been dated by counting its annual tree-rings, scientists can create a table by which they can convert the questionable Carbon-14 years into true calendar years.