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And there are methods available to reduce the confusion, apprehensions and social anxiety often inherent in trying to avail oneself of all of these opportunities to meet others. Sherry Henig shares her research into the Long Island singles scene and offers evidence to demonstrate that there are, indeed, lots of single adults on Long Island and that they can successfully meet others through a large variety of venues.

She explores and troubleshoots the trepidations and apprehensions that many singles have with regard to “getting out there” and meeting others.

Just as Las Vegas is a city full of character, a lot of “characters” are drawn to this place, and many of them are cruising the dating scene.

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She offers an abundance of information to help those who are single feel more comfortable and confident about dating on Long Island.

Excerpts: Read about the Contents of Single on Long Island! Henig has done an excellent job of filling a serious void in the single life of many Long Islanders.

Besides building a virtual community, My Space provides ample opportunity to express your creativity.

In fact, I think you can tell much more about a person from a free My Space profile than from those on

to be here; this is the place we’ve chosen to live.