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The Commerce Commission has agreed to extend the date for its final decision on Vero Insurance’s application seeking clearance to purchase 100% of the shares in Tower.

The Commission sent Vero a Letter of Unresolved Issues on 16 June 2017 that outlined the areas it was continuing to investigate concerning competition issues in the provision of domestic house and contents insurance and private motor vehicle insurance.

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So if you are facing this battery life issue or you feel the Moto X drains battery faster now, you may just follow the following 4 steps top solve the battery life issues for your Moto X.

August 11, 2017The special session updates focus on the major education bills coming up for votes.

Most of us are enjoying the new and improved features in our Moto X after the Kit Kat update.

However, some users reported battery drain problems (i.e., shorter battery life) after the Android 4.4 update.

But you remeber before the Kit Kat update, you used to get about 30% left when reaching home.