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I broke him with him at least 27 times, after a long, emotionally-draining analysis about what was wrong, how could we fix it, sob-sob-sob. He would listen, and nod and then (bless him) show up the next day like nothing happened. (Though, a wedding guest said, “You were shaking up there! But eventually the fact steadied itself like a deep relief. That word has a negative connotation, but it’s needed as a shopper, right? Your first few Sundays in church you’re probably analyzing more than worshipping. We need to be members of good churches, and not all churches are good. Fortunately, I somehow managed to stay un-broken-up long enough to make it down the aisle. When your mind is in “shopping,” mode (whether for a pair of jeans, a husband or a church), you’re essentially selfish. We need to ask serious questions, demand serious answers.

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Life Bible Studies and Milestones are our main vehicles for growing our souls closer to God.

They provide a place for us to explore the beauty and mystery of God's Word.

Delivered by an extraordinary priest in a Protestant church filled with non-Catholics, this talk will deeply influence how you view your relationship with Jesus.

How can we correctly handle relationships and dating in light of the gospel?

In 1 Corinthians, Paul describes singleness as a “gift,” but that can be difficult for the unmarried man or woman who desires marriage to understand and accept.