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However, as long as the 30-day limit is observed, states may set other rules and, in some cases, even individual retail stores may set their own standards.

Egg dating

If you can’t find a Julian date, using your eggs within about 3 weeks or so of purchase allows for the possibility that your eggs may have been temporarily stored by the retailer before you bought them.

The best way to judge freshness is to use the Julian date.

Fresh eggs will last for at least 66 days from the date they are placed into a carton, this is 3-4 weeks beyond the “best by” date normally stamped on the carton. To properly answer the question of have been stored.

The most accurate date to consider with eggs is a date placed on the egg carton by the manufacturer called the “pack date”.

Most cartons must also have a so-called Julian date stamped on the side, which indicates the date the eggs were packed.