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This allows students to make rapid and significant progress in learning the French language.

With the option of learning remotely through Skype, students can benefit from our French learning program, no matter where they live.

Maya Warnock is a paraprofessional mental health worker with an education in Child Psychology & Development (MSVU) and School-Aged Care (St. She is the facilitator for several support groups and she facilitates both Family School P. Having ADHD is not significantly different than having ex. One must learn special skills to look after either one.

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She is the lead coach for the Working Memory training. Other training includes: Simply ADHD and First Aid for Mental Health for Adults Working with Youth and several courses in Working Memory training.

courses and the text to "Colouring Book for Kids with ADHD, their Siblings and friends".

We will work together to make sure you’re ready to face any situation you might encounter in your daily life (any situation we can realistically predict, of course!

) by studying vocabulary and grammar in context and practising role plays. If you wish, I will provide you with homework, exercises that allow you to practice new concepts and reinvest your knowledge.

To enroll in our remote French language training, students must first request and complete our registration form.