Salman rushdie dating models

She also has a three-year-old daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell, with Adam Dell, the venture capitalist brother of computer maker Michael Dell.

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She walked the red carpet that night with Helen Mirren and Queen Latifah and the ladies of Wisteria Lane.

It was the 59th Primetime Emmys, and although she wasn’t there for the reason she’d always envisioned—her acting—it was, she said, “a big fucking deal.”She could laugh over the fact that she was on a nominated reality show—she hated reality shows, except for Bravo’s ” all while looking like an earthly incarnation of Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of prosperity, her namesake.

For a brainy model with a hot new cookbook, marriage to a literary superstar creates opportunities—and problems.

*Top Chef’*s Padma Lakshmi now has an empire in the making, but Salman Rushdie won’t be part of it.

Briatore set up a number of successful Benetton franchises as a fugitive in the Virgin Islands and the United States.