Dating someone grief

The loss of a friend, family member or loved one can be overwhelming for anyone, but by being part of a strong support system you can play an important role in his or her healing process.

People who are ensconced in the process of grieving often say they feel like they’re alone, like they’re going crazy, like the rest of the world is buzzing around them while they’re trapped in a bubble, and like they’ve lost themselves and wonder when they’ll be “normal” again.

It’s a process that is very internal and confusing, and it can be difficult to feel a sense of connection in the world.

Yet for those struggling with the loss of a loved one, the idea that grief recovery follows a standard timeline of set stages can seem ridiculous, if not infuriating.

Certainly those who have had to heal from a painful loss are well aware that the process doesn’t fit in to neat little boxes. This is real, and I’m ready for whatever I have to go through. On the surface, these 5 Stages of Grief seem sensible.

In many cases, a person experiences depression alongside the grief, which can feel like another barrier to relating with him or her.

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