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Have your class read this book (available in paperback from Puffin--Penguin tel # 8 -- ask for multi-book discount)email David at [email protected]​to set a date for the talk, then listen to insights from the author, and ask him questions about the book. READ THE JEFFREY BONES MYSTERIES Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery Bones and the Dog Gone Mystery Bones and the Cupcake Mystery Bones and the Dinosaur Mystery Bones and the Birthday Mystery Bones and the Math Test Mystery Bones and the Roller Coaster Mystery (All published by Viking)When Cam wants to remember something she says "Click!

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CAM was first suspected by de Saussure in 1804 in his Recherches Chimiques sur la Vegetation, confirmed and refined by Aubert, E.

in 1892 in his Recherches physiologiques sur les plantes grasses and expounded upon by Richards, H. 1915 in Acidity and Gas Interchange in Cacti, Carnegie Institution.

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