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Their son noted the ending of their love story was almost predictable, as the couple had done everything together the past 69 years.

'The Advertiser-Tribune' first reported this story.

Did you have to walk a fine line with your character’s motivations for helping her? The first scene that I did was with Gena and she's in the house.

Well, I think that Nick knew that I understood the story and we never really had to get into depth about any of that because I think that he had the respect that I understood it.

Did Nick discuss the story with you, and talk about his parents?

Starring in films and on TV since the late 1950s, James Garner's probably been asked every sort of movie/acting/personal question imaginable.

Yet, despite his five decades of work, he's still willing to sit down and discuss his current projects (a lot of today's 'stars' should take a lesson from this affable movie veteran). So I said, “Well, let’s just see what Gena does.” Sure enough, she just tore my heart out.

Garner came to hate one of his stepmothers, Wilma, who beat all three boys (especially him).