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But, if you can come up with an idea that’s unique in some way, he’ll surely rise to the challenge.

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He likes to be the initiator, so let him make the first move. He’ll ask if he can see you again, so you may be dating an Aries man.

Dating an Aries Man Dating this man can be an adventure in the literal sense. He wants to know that you’re into his wild and sometimes crazy lifestyle.

Although now that you're involved, there are quite a few things you should know about us.

While we are incredible people to love and be loved by, I've come up with a list of eight things to know and abide by while being involved with an Aries. Print it out, tape it to your fridge, carry it with you everywhere and buckle up: First and foremost, the animal equivalent to our sign is the ram.

The danger for an Aries in a relationship is being too controlling and confrontational.