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Since I wasn't old enough to go to a bar and I didn't have a steady hairdresser I figured the best thing to do was to talk to my preacher.

The spectacle at the “So You Think You Can Dance” studio tonight was nothing short of major.

Some families attend church and spend time building their faith and through that faith, they find a place in this world.

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Het woongebouw Piraeus op het KNSM-eiland, naar een ontwerp van Hans Kollhoff en Christian Rapp, werd opgeleverd in 1994.

Het ging destijds in tegen alle heersende opvattingen van dat moment over architectuur (materiaal, programma, schaal, kleur, vorm).

Cat Deeley sent her away with some good wishes, then asked the audience, “so, what happens now? Guest of honor After her announcement, Jessica sat in my section and watched the remainder of the show.

Her sudden presence caused a momentary stir, but soon enough, we were all back to the task at hand.

Remind me not to take a vacation during the summer next year.