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We are adding events all the time so please check back soon, or sign up for a free account to recieve updates from your chosen area Our organisers are recruited as franchisees, so if you would like to to get involved and run a your own lucrative dating business from home, we’d love to hear from you.

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Chris Young recalls fixing cars with his old man in this nostalgic tune from.

It doesn't matter that the son can't keep his own car running - he made a lot of good memories looking over his dad's shoulder.

Victoria will position herself right beside Miley Cyrus and right under Britney Spears.

Selena will be all like “But I'm always on your left,” and Britney will reply (perfectly auto-tuned) “That was when there was three of us, and now the tallest (and the ones untainted by Bieber) go in the middle.

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