dating link reciprocal russian single - Tried updating ipod and it stopped working

If your apps or music aren’t playing correctly, you probably want to start off with a simple Reset of your device.

Bear in mind that there could be a problem with the wall charger or the cable, so if charging isn't doing the trick you should try the same routine with a different plug, and with a borrowed or spare cable.

(If there's nobody you can get a cable from, you could pop into an Apple store, or buy a new Lightning cable.) If you've given your i Phone or i Pad a decent charge using multiple plugs and cables but it still fails to display anything, you're probably looking at a hardware problem such as a degraded lithium battery.

Sometimes when adding music, apps, or updates to your i Pod Touch or i Phone something goes wrong and it becomes unstable.

Here we take a look at some basic steps on how to reset or restore it to help getting it working again.

Apple told If you have experienced the glitch, connect your device to a PC or Mac via USB.