Sql updating one table from another

= t1.original System Name ) In order to get accurate solutions, could you please provide a few rows of sample data before and after the update (also include at least one row that you do not want updated).

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it depends what is a use of those tables , but you might consider putting trigger on original table on insert and update and when insert or update is done update second table based on only one item from original table , it will be quicker.

I have a form that displays a list of systems along with their current status.

UPDATE table_a SET column_a_1 = (SELECT table_b.column_b_1 FROM table_b WHERE table_b.user_name = table_a.user_name ) , column_a_2 = (SELECT table_b.column_b_2 FROM table_b WHERE table_b.user_name = table_a.user_name ) WHERE EXISTS ( SELECT * FROM table_b WHERE table_b.user_name = table_a.user_name ) UPDATE in sqlite3 does not support a FROM clause, which makes this a little more work than in other RDBMS.

If performance is not satisfactory, another option might be to build up new rows for table_a using a select and join with table_a into a temporary table.

I put a primary key on B(id) because if there is NO SUCH constraint -- the update is totally ambigous -- if there is more then 1 value of B1 in B for a given ID -- we cannot tell what row in B should be used to update the row in A. REGISTRATION where BIN NOT IN (select BIN from VIS. Its working very nicely.i will greateful to u forever.i was suffering by this problem for a long i am using the following / insert into VISTEMP. i could envision problems with only a second of granularity on a clock -- you could miss a record or two due to that. d) I don't program forms -- you can try otn.- Thank u very much for ur nice reply. I plan to use RTRIM function in the WHERE clause to get specific set records and then after fetching, I’ll insert with a RTRIM on each column.