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” What it really means: Unless you’re the grim reaper or Scorpion (what's with the '90s video game references?

), use your words rather than your hands to call someone over in Singapore and Japan. In The Philippines however, it’s reserved to call over dogs, dawg. Offended countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, and Colombia What you think it means: “Rock ’n’ roll,” or if you’re part of that University of Texas football culture, “Hook ‘em Horns!

Below is a list of chat channels and their community's language, dialect, or interest of choice.

Note: The channels are tentative, and the page is updated on regular basis.

She has been curating literary reading events that focus on topics such as non-binary gender and sexuality, taboo, and diverse body size for the past decade, for festivals such as Fringe and Midsumma. (2015) ‘All the way from (B)lame to (A)cceptance: diabetes, health and fat activism’ in The Politics of Size (edited by R.