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The city had been paralysed as pro-unity government forces and rival militias exchanged artillery fire in the streets.

But despite the deal, the power struggle is not yet over. Content on this website is for general information purposes only.

In addition to appearing on online arms markets, weapons from the Gaddafi regime’s arsenal have been found throughout North Africa and the Middle East, particularly in the hands of Daesh (ISIS) militants who are active in Syria and Iraq. In addition, Libya’s geographical location has led to the growth of another illicit industry – sex slavery.

With many West African migrants traveling through Libya as they seek passage to Europe, sex slavery has become so commonplace that live slave auctions now occur in plain view of the public, according to a recent statement from the International Organization for Migration.

7 February 2017 – The highest United Nations official tasked with advocating against the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war urged today Libyan authorities to protect migrants from rape and other human rights violations.

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