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But if you log out of either service and attempt to sign back in, that'll trigger the two-step verification.In the case of Face Time, Apple requires you to log into your account on the web and generate an app-specific password to regain access.

i Phones that have been password-protected and have voice dialing deactivated can still make Face Time video calls, as well as disclose basic information about a person's list of contacts.

The security loophole, which is present in the latest version of Apple's i OS 5.0.1 software, was discovered earlier this week by Canadian tech writer Ade Barkah, who posted details about it on his blog.

'I'm more than happy for my close friends and family to see me without make up on a video call.' News reporter, Charlotte, said: 'I liked the way the filter made my complexion look, but I thought my eyebrows look a bit crazy.

I don't know if I could be bothered to download a different app just so I would look prettier..seems excessively vain!

That's a bit different than signing into i Cloud; in that scenario, Apple sends a four-digit code to the mobile phone number on file for your account.