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for her popular show "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl," which had plenty of girls, awkward, black, and otherwise, screaming "That's me! Rae has since leveraged "Awkward" and her other web shows into further projects.In 2014 she'll be releasing a book of personal essays, and she is working on a half-hour comedy for HBO with This duo is known for their funny songs that explore the ups and downs of adulthood with catchy lyrics and melodies, sounding sweet while they bitch about smug pregnant women, getting older, the mysteries of hand jobs and the relationship fade-away.Anyway, she was super nice and gracious despite the dozens of very excited feminists hounding her, even claiming that she knew what Feministe was.

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Blisstree interviewed Gibson—who trained at Upright Citizens Brigade and has also appeared on shows such as —about tampon ads, how her show differs from Target Women, and using humor to discuss serious issues affecting women’s lives. ‘Modern Lady' is a segment for smart ladies who are confident about being complicated.

My process for the segment is to choose an issue that women might be interested in—things like VH1’s “Bridalplasty,” the defunding of Planned Parenthood and beauty product advertising, just to name a few—and write jokes about it in order to criticize and comment on those issues. How does ‘Modern Lady' differ from Sarah Haskins' Target Women, and how is it similar? Other than that, I think the segments are really different.

I think that for me, it’s quite obviously going to be my Beatles obsession.

That, in fact, when Jill and I met her, she was extraordinarily kind enough to buy us drinks?

I once stumbled across the email inbox of a slutty DC girl I used to fuck (a local blogger).

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