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So I went down to a local large chain drugstore and bought a throwaway camera. I told her not to worry and mulled this next part over for quite some time: I would take the film to get developed and then send it to her. Look, there’s just no way to explain to anyone why you’re doing this at a Kinko’s.I went home that night and took some of the best work since Robert Mapplethorpe met Terry Richardson. After I properly weighed the pros and cons, I dropped the film off at the drugstore and waited several days to pick it up. No good way, at least.“This is for my anatomy class, sir” just doesn’t seem like it would work.

Increasingly, it is vital that counsellors stay up to date with the latest technological developments and gadgetry, so that they can be aware of the effects these may have on their clients and their relationships.

As a modern, systemic psychotherapist, I like to think of myself as pretty ‘tech-savvy’ too.

This article in the Huffington Post even goes so far as to suggest that modern couples should change their wedding vows to “until Facebook do us part”.

Similarly, this viral You Tube video suggests that Facebook may contribute to rising levels of depression, as it encourages us to constantly compare ourselves to others, or become competitive with people we barely even know (it’s somewhat ironic that the video spread so well across Facebook itself, though).

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