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Many people took an energetic and practical interest in her: helping her write, support herself, stay alive.

Shortly before she died, she persuaded the landlord of 23 Fitzroy Road, London NW1, a house where Yeats once lived, to let her the top floors for a year, although they were long promised to the basement tenant.

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She had a charm and energy that won her friends despite her demanding, neurotic temperament.

Hughes also said on the day of her burial, "It was a fight to the death.

The Brigadier continued to meet the Doctor when the latter's travels brought him to Earth and he helped many of his incarnations protect the planet.

In fact, of the first thirteen incarnations of the Doctor, the Brigadier was documented meeting all of them but the Eleventh Doctor and the scarcely seen incarnation which fought in the Time War.

Northern services began running as far as Armathwaite last month, with buses operating between there and Carlisle.