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Here’s a quick list, along with some specific tips about what to buy and what to avoid: Banana Republic (my personal favorite) – When it comes to off-the-rack clothing that fits short men correctly, I’ve had more success with BR then any other store.My favorite and most versatile pair of pants are their Emerson Chinos.Let’s start with some ground rules on There is some good information out there about style for short men, but most of it is crap. And yes, there are certain things you can avoid in order to not look shorter.

Many men settle for subpar style, not knowing that this affects every aspect of their lives – their career, their relationships and their well-being. Because buying clothes can be confusing, overwhelming and expensive. You’ve bought jeans that are too long, dress shirts that billow out at the waist and bunch up in the arms, and polo shirts that fit well in the chest but go several inches past your belt. At 5’6”, I’ve struggled my whole life to find clothes that actually fit.

If you’re below average height, you probably have trouble finding clothes that fit.

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