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This is constantly a work in progress considering how long the show has been on.

This will have a backstory of the players, including wins, views, hookups and general information.

was filmed in Bodrum, Turkey, with TJ Lavin returning as host.

The series was created for MTV by Bunim/Murray Productions.

It's a "fantasy team" active game where players can pick teams of the following season and they are given points throughout the show's progression. Player Information: Players of the show stats and information: Past and Present Challenge Stats: Challenge statistics and information: Past and Present Exes, Rivals and Loves: Player information of hookups and fights My View: Ummm… Definitely a shocker that these two are considered “exes” considering it wasn’t exactly in the shows. While he has proven himself to be a great athlete, despite the fact that he is missing part of his hand, his cockiness is just simply unattractive.