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Drake came up big on Saturday night, escorting his younger cousin Jalaah Moore and her date to their prom in Memphis, and pics captured show that they had quite the night with their world-famous chaperone! He didn't perform at the prom night event, from what we can gather, but rather hung out with Jalaah and her date — still not a bad night! Oh, and if that wasn't enough, afterwards Drake footed the bill for a party at Hard Rock for Jalaah, her date, and 400 of her friends!

According to sources speaking with , Drake flew in to Memphis on Saturday afternoon and ordered a white Rolls Royce to drive the couple to prom, as well as paying for their custom matching outfits, posing for pictures with them, and spending some time at the dance himself.

Drake also crashed the dance at Fairley High School -- major social points for Jalaah -- but we're told he didn't perform ... We imagine the other chaperones were as starstruck as the kids.

Afterward, he threw Jalaah a party at Hard Rock for about 400 of her suddenly super-close friends.

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