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You can see her in business houses, signing contracts and making decisions for the firm, or find her in any of the professions or in parliament.

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The Seventeen Articles, passed in 1873 safeguarded freedom of the press.

In 1878, after Lower Burma was annexed by Great Britain, the Vernacular Press Act was passed, which attempted to repress propaganda against the British government in local language newspapers.

Myanmar has a very low Internet penetration rate due to government restrictions on pricing and deliberate lack of facilities and infrastructure.

According to World Internet Stats statistics as of June 2012, the country had over 534,930 Internet users (1.0% of the population) with the vast majority of the users hailing from the two largest cities, Yangon and Mandalay.

An international team of experts made the stunning find, which has been encased in this 3-inch piece of amber, in China The hatchling belonged to a group of birds known as the 'opposite birds' that lived alongside the ancestors of modern bird.