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If you’ve gotten yourself into one of those sticky situations where the two of you live at opposite ends of the country – or planet – but you’re determined nonetheless to give things a go, set a time together that you will meet again, preferably before you say your first goodbye.

Some people really can’t understand the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around them…

The point of a youth player is to have a clean palette for the manager to work with but the 20 year-old is being exposed to the mentality of giving up and no desire or passion and further down the line this experience could affect Alex’s career.

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Ever since he has joined the club he has been given minimal game time but there have been many opportunities for him to start with fans crying out for him to play as he has been one of the only players willing to play for our club.

There is no need to waste your or their time, and making expectations clear will save you a lot of drama.

You’ll also work alongside a diverse and talented group of professionals that is focused on helping individuals and businesses to achieve their highest goals.

If you’re ready to explore a workplace that rewards your greatest strengths, apply for a technology job with Citi today.

So what are the best ways to ensure your now not-so-casual fling doesn’t end up being the one that got away?