Windows not updating daylight savings time dating for the unemployed

It's not always obvious that a firewall even exists as they generally allow regular web traffic to pass normally.If you have temporarily disabled all firewalls that you know of and continue to have this problem, then it's almost certainly a firewall that you aren't aware of.

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' so that you could make an appointment for 2 PM and select Pacific time zone and it would show up as 5 PM in your calendar when the computer is using the Eastern time zone.

Outlook 2007/2010 allows you to select the time zone the appointment will be held in.

Two separate time zones can be displayed in the Calendar.

The two time zones can be, for example, your local time zone and the time zone of a city that you often travel to.

At any time, you can change the time zone in Outlook so that it matches your current geographic location.