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If she fails, he will destroy the village and she will be his lover for an eternity. Game half drawn by a mouse and half with my new wacom.

Will Bikyee find true love, train hard enough, and be able to defeat the dragon prince in 100 days? Please help submit to Dating Simulation collection! I know the actionscripting sucks, but I am trying hard to make my games better! 15% of the total mochiads revenue generated from this game will go to a charity: either to the Peace Corps or to the US soldiers at war in the form of care packages. If any of the credited musicians would like to have their music removed, please send me a note. I've have problems in the past and my games have generated millions of views online, and it's a shame. *cough gamesforworks* I don't make much off my games, I just want to at least have some compensation for my hard work. I did not look for sponsorship for this game mainly because people believe dating sims are not fun when they have no sex.

Your basic goal is to get a Hina girl and gain as much money and experience as possible.

This is not a hentai game, this is not a free game, do not distribute it to other sites, especially hentai sites or adsense sites~ If you can't date or interact with a character, it may be because U DIDN'T BUY A BIKINI or wear makeup before the DATE!

Once I put my game on newgrounds, I know other sites will steal it, list it as a hentai game, and distribute it as if they made the game. I try to be different and have a few fans out there who like the innocence of a dating sim, sims which are rare, and which I am proud to say, I've created the very first original popular flash non-hentai dating sim for girls in 2006.

Yes they'll provide a link that offers the game for free to other sites.

This game is difficult and longer, so a walkthrough will be up for purchase in this week. Some parts are a little hard for people who don't put much thought into things though, specifically the riddles.

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    Aber ohne die Nachbarn, die sofort aufgeschlossen waren für diese Idee, hätte das nicht verwirklicht werden können“, betonte Bernd-Michael Szymanski, selbst Anlieger der Hédéstraße.

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