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Please find the “Support” tab on their site for stress-relieving suggestions such as yelling at loved ones, eating your way through all of the potato chips in your local grocery store, and going on unhealthily long runs (to work off the calories).Don’t worry, the binging won’t hurt your chances with the residencies. It’s a controversial and awkward topic for many people to approach, even under “normal” circumstances. Let’s face it, no one really likes to think that ‘old people’ have sex.

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The administration also reported the number of Americans age 45-64 rose by 33% from 2000-2011.

A large number of these Americans are single, with 55% of women and 28% men over 65 stating they were unmarried.

Unfortunately, finding a partner later in life can be challenging.

Many of the difficulties that we face when approaching love are based on expectations that love ought to be the same as it was during middle-age.

It’s no secret that intimacy and relationships are the most important part of life.