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News from the cave known as Grotte des Pigeons, Taforalt, in Eastern Morocco, where for the past ‘four to five’ years, the Institute of Archaeology from Oxford University have been excavating, during the process of which they have discovered beads fashioned from shells.

are molluscs found in warm seas and coral reefs in America, Asia and the Pacific – which had holes in them and appeared to have been suspended or hung. Similar beads have been found at sites in Algeria, Israel and South Africa which are thought to date back to around the same time or slightly after the finds from Taforalt.

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This has implications for when Man left Africa and spread across the world.

Travel through Southeast Asia into Australasia was the furthest humans got in the first exodus.

A 12.7 m long sedimentary record recovered from Lake El'gygytgyn, located in a meteorite impact crater created 3.6 Ma in Late Cretaceous igneous rocks on Chukotka Peninsula, northeast Siberia, has been analysed for its palaeo- and rock-magnetic properties.

Continuous high resolution (1 mm) measurements of magnetic susceptibility yielded successions of pronounced lows and highs.

Analyses of the rock-magnetic properties by low and high temperature runs of magnetic susceptibility, determination of hysteresis parameters as well as IRM acquisition experiments, yielded a dominance of PSD (pseudo-single domain) magnetite in intervals of high magnetic susceptibility, whereas, due to selective magnetite dissolution associated with anoxic Lake water and/or pore water conditions during times of enhanced deposition of organic matter, haematite dominates within low susceptibility intervals in terms of mass percentage.