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Palm Beach County, large and spacious, is arguably the most relaxed county in South Florida.

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Having things open late in the evening fits around a social single’s schedule -- and thus the "City that Never Sleeps" is perfect for today’s singles. What factors about living in a city are most important to single people? Singles are great for an economy because they have disposable income, and cities can draw singles by hosting events geared towards them.

Ease, convenience and accessibility are all important for today’s singles, but social interaction and a high quantity of other singles are most important to them. How can cities still affect the dating scene as online dating has become more common? In order to determine the best cities for singles, we looked at 24 data points from nine reputable sources.

This number also includes those widowed or divorced.

Sixty-six percent of those under 30 have never been married. So now that it’s safe to say there are far more young adults single than married in Brevard, where are they concentrated?

He had texted me a few hours earlier, confirming our dinner at nine and asking me to call him when I was done with work. Patrons ranging in age from early-20s to mid-50s clustered around the bar.

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    All these are types of psychological and emotional abuse.'But critics were fast to brand Jusoh's remarks 'ridiculous'.

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    Earlier Thursday, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) found 12 men and women detained inside a cramped room hidden behind a bookshelf in the Raxabago police station in Tondo, Manila.

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    But when the shit hits the fan and I’m working 70-80 hours a week, all the time, and I’m not around, it gets hard.” In the agricultural world, the standard challenges of finding one’s soulmate are only compounded by the fact that the number of farmers in the United States has greatly diminished.

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