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After suffering a breakdown, which she now refers to as a “breakthrough,” Wright has reemerged with a new perspective, a notable album and an inspiring story to tell.

After recently spoke with Wright about her memoir Like Me, her new album Lifted Off the Ground, and why her coming out is not a “publicity stunt.”After This was not a tentative coming out.

not in a harsh way, it's just that "i'm newly in love and want to be with the person 24/7" which i'm not sure she's even "in love" but KC is dating some guy named Dana and i don't think it's been very long. In the beginning, I thought she was ignoring both of them, because quite a few tweets from Chely to KC were ignored, but after a little while, she replied to Chely, but no to Lauren. A few days ago, Kasey Musgraves tweeted that she was going to be the first country singer to perform at the GLAAD awards, and then someone replied to her asking, wasn't Chely Wright the first?